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About Us

Pro Lingua Press (PLP) is one of the most dedicated crusader in the field of foreign language education and is committed to setting a new standard in the industry. Our organization is comprised of an international team of editors, translators, and educators, who have made it their mission to create and develop new methods of learning foreign languages in a fast and fun-filled manner.

Research has shown that children learn their first language skills by imitating the phonetic sounds that they are exposed to at an early age. Just as a child born in Japan is exposed to the sounds characteristic of Japanese and will innately learn to emulate those sounds, a child born in Russia will do the same in Russian. Nowadays more children than ever before are being relocated from one country to another. Whether parents are looking to relocate their families in order to take advantage of better living conditions or escaping political, social or ethnic tensions; their children are able to adapt more easily to their new environment and to the new language than the adults. However, their newly acquired language skills still need the support of the written word.

Our combined efforts led to the publication of original fairytales and short stories specifically written for this purpose. The translations were done by native speakers in order to retain the flow and characteristics of each language. In addition, we have contrived a unique format wherein each text is simultaneously presented in English, Spanish, French and German. This unique format allows the reader to cross-reference the different language versions, thus instantaneously understanding their meaning.

The positive feedback to our innovative methods has shown that even very young children are able to easily learn foreign languages. Aside from acquiring new communication skills, these children also improve their reading skills and gain self-confidence. Ultimately, we strive to provide parents and teachers alike with new and effective techniques in foreign language education and to provide children with the tools to acquire foreign languages in a playful and effortless manner.