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The Nutracker & Other Tales

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Authors: M. Keckeis; H. Ch. Andersen;
E.T.A. Hoffmann abbr. R.V.
Illustrations and Dust Cover: Monica Grimburg Flood

The Nutcracker and other Tales (English)
Der Nussknacker und andere Märchen
Le Casse-Noisette et autres contes
El Cascanueces y otros cuentos

Nothing can capture the magic of the holidays more closely than the three stories contained in this volume. Whether it is Nutcracker and Mouseking, the tale of love's redeeming forces; or The Fir Tree, recollecting the most memorable evening of its short life; or whether The Real Santa reminds us of how little it takes to give a lot, each story unveils the secret of Christmas in its own special way.


ISBN 978-1879870628
Pages: 336
Price: $28.50

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