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The Coronation of the Nutracker

The Coronation of the Nutcracker (English)
Le Couronnement de Casse-Noisette
Die Krönung des Nussknackers
La Coronación de Cascanueces

This volume reveals that E.T.A. Hoffmann's story, "Nutcracker and Mouseking", serves us not only as a classic Christmas tale, but also as a significant historical document.

In the form of a fictitious interview with the famous author, a contemporary of Napoelon's, we are granted an insight into how the fairy tale covertly describes the rise and fall of the French emperor. The dialogue, filled with accounts of Hoffmann's personal experiences, revives the tumultuous times of the French Revolution, and we learn how the events in France not only influenced Hoffmann's own life, but also cast a shadow over the rest of Europe.

ISBN 978-1879870642
Pages: 254
Price: $28.50

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