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The Clairvoyant Star

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Author: M. Keckeis
Illustrations: Helga Frenner
Dust Cover: Evelyne Bermann

The Clairvoyant Star (English)
Der Hellsehende Stern
L'Étoile Clairvoyante
La Estrella Clarividente

Three old sorcerers travel from ancient days to modern times. Their calling? To help three children in great need. The first restores the health of an injured child, the second unites an orphan with her family adn the third helps a destitute begger escape poverty. But despite their magic and wisdom the men can't agree on whose accomplishment is most stellar.

Three stories told with humor and imagination spring to life, impart wisdom and ultimately convey the answer which baffled the three wise men.

ISBN 978-1-879870-66-6
Pages: 300
Price: $28.50

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